Skilled 1400

SKILLED 1400 is a Laser Guided Vehicle system which, together with the palletizing systems SKILLED ROBOTS, allows complete ”end of line” automation. This results in cost savings and significant improvements in production management. 


SKILLED 1400 offers the following advantages: 

 - transportation of different products and pallets, coming from different production lines, from and to the storage and trucking area (with total exclusion of conveyor work);  

 - thanks to its modularity the system can easily be adapted to future production needs;  

 - extremely easy installation at customer’s site, that saves productivity time;  

 - compliance with the current safety rules and regulations.

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Technical data

 Skilled 1400 M or L model with advanced wheels

*Standard lifting height up to: 2500 mm- M/4000 mm-L
Loading capacity up to: 1500 kg-M/2500kg.-L


*Lifting height depends on type of load  

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