AGV is the acronym for Automatic Guided Vehicle and it identifies Driverless fork-trucks which are used in industrial applications to carry pallets and/or materials to/from programmed positions in production areas, in warehouses, in the dock area and now also capable to reach in and load trucks.

The AGV receives orders directly from the warehouse management system or similar systems which gives a priority list of missions which the AGV will carry out very efficiently, 24 hours/7 in total safety for anyone that happens to be in the area.


Since 1998 Euroimpianti designs the complete AGV in full; mechanically, electrically and last but not least also its control system, and HMIs operator panels. Euroimpianti produces and pre-commissions them in the two big manufacturing plants, one in Europe and in one in the USA (C&D Skilled Robotics) and to conclude, with the talented team of engineers Euroimpianti and C&D Skilled robotics takes care to install them and to offer service support. The Company’s policy is to invest in research for the latest technologies and to apply them to the equipment, keeping in mind that also the less recent models must also be serviced, even if the equipment is old decades.

Euroimpianti has the following type of AGVs:

  • LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle)
  • RGV (Rail Guided Vehicle)

The LGV is usually equipped with forks which can be for a single pallet/double pallets or even pallets that must be lifted upto 10 mts in a warehouse. However since Euroimpianti customizes the AGVs according to the application, there is no problem to equip them with other tools such as clamps to pick up rolls or conveyors to pick-up unitized products etc. The LGVs can fit in any area or industry where a fork-truck is used. Euroimpianti’s experience has been strong in the following industries: food, paper, tissue-paper, automotive (tires), beverage, chemical-cosmetic and pharmaceutical, dairy, electrical, glass, tobacco and all general manufacturing plants.

The most common applications are the following:

  • Raw material handling from the warehouse or docks to the production lines:
  • Full/Empty Pallet handling:
    To deliver empty pallets of various sizes from warehouse to the palletizers;
    To pick-up full pallets from the palletizers or from “manual palletizing stations” to the stretchwrapper or directly to the warehouse/storage and/or to the outbound shipping docks.
  • To handle other products in containers or without the use of pallets (unitized products).

Safe, precise and gentle:

  • To move finished goods from manufacturing to stretchwrappers, to storage racks or the approach into palletizing cells, through building doors etc. require gentle and smooth handling. AGVs operate with precisely controlled navigation, acceleration and deceleration; this minimizes the potential damage and makes AGVs an excellent choice for this type of application.
  • Truck loading (see section called Skilled ATL – Automatic Truck Loading)
  • Roll handling: AGVs are also designed to transport rolls or other products which are not necessarily on a pallet. Again we gained experience and customized the design for different type of plants including paper mills, converters, printers, producers of plastic items or cables.