Thanks to the great experience of C&D Skilled Robotics (our subsidiary in USA) which has been servicing the tire and rubber industries since 1964, we have a wide variety of applications in the automotive industry. Our continued commitment to customer service and product innovation has made us a leader in automation for these industries. Solutions for the automotive industry include:
- Car rims palletizer
- Finished Tire Palletizer
- Finished Tire Intermediate Storage System
- Tire Building Robots Green
- Tire Storage System Green
- Tire Press Delivery System
- Tire Tread Palletizer Rubber
- Bale Loader Rubber
- Bale Unloader
Euroimpianti was founded in 1973 and quickly asserts itself through its brand Skilled in the world market as a manufacturer of systems for industrial automation .
In 1998 the company acquired the Texas-based C & D Skilled Robotics important company that operates since 50 years with particular success and great experience in the automatic palletizing tires.
The synergy created between the two companies allows Euroimpianti to enter the market sector of the tire industry and to become accredited supplier of the largest multinational companies producing tires.
Robots that are primarily used for palletizing traditional tires belong to the range of Skilled Heavy Duty Gantry Robot.
The big innovation , however, concerns the pallets rick-rack and vertical which , until now , have been palletized manually due to their high complexity and the need for precision in operations.
The new challenge arises from the need of an Euroimpianti’s client to palletize tires automatically in rick - rack and vertical configurations.
Euroimpianti Skilled thus develops an innovative system Skilled that allows digitizing in 3D the tires by means of a scanner.
This revolutionary system combined with the high performance of the anthropomorphic robots can automatically carry out the complex configurations rick-rack and vertical configurations.
It also allows the automatic creation of palletizing programs that fit best different types of tire.
The peculiar feeling of Euroimpianti to promptly accept any challenge is often rewarded, as in this case, by the success obtained.

A few examples of Automotive

A few examples